History of Chef Jean Luc Albin and Maurice French Pastries

  • Jean Luc got his start in France where he started cooking at 14.5. His dad was a chef and mom a great cook. He began working at restaurants in various hotels in the south of France, the Rhone Valley and at ski and summer resorts.
  • He spent some time working in Paris at the Georges V Hotel
  • Served for a year in the French Navy, working as a cook
  • Wanted to come to United States, but found difficulty getting a work permit, so headed to Bermuda instead, where worked for three years before being recruited to the U.S.

Initially, Jean Luc worked in the restaurant at the Omni Hotel in Atlanta. The company offered to send him on vacation anywhere in the country he wanted to go and he chose New Orleans. He came here for a week and stayed at the Fairmont Hotel, met hotel management, and was offered a job. Jean Luc started at Fairmont in 1978, working as Executive Chef, later becoming Beverage Director. He eventually transferred to Dallas for three years, then on to Los Angeles as Executive Assistant to the Chairman of Filmland Corporate Center, headquarters for MGM/UA Studios. After spending almost two years there, he got an offer to come back to New Orleans and work for Windsor Court in 1988. Jean Luc joined Maurice at his bakery, worked with him for a few months and soon bought the business. Act of sale completed in March 1989.

  • Jean Luc bought bakery 22 years ago from founder Maurice Ravet, whom he'd worked with at the Fairmont.
  • The bakery started in Covington and later expanded to Metairie.
  • There are now two locations. The main bakery on Hessmer Avenue and one at West Esplanade Ave. and Transcontinental Dr.